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Two accompanying events at Transpotec Logitec, on logistics and road transport issues in 2016 and 2018.

A side event at Transpotec Logitec in 2017.




2016, 2017, 2018


Fiera Milano

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2018 /

C hina Change, China Chance - Fiera Milano

Conference on new opportunities and new scenarios for the Italian economy in its commercial relations with China, starting from the current dynamics to identify potential and new development lines for the world of transport.

2017 /

Road safety: new problems and new solutions - Verona Fiere

Open session at the end of the third meeting of the Road Safety Working Table, to illustrate the progress of the work, the projects and the future objectives. How does the interaction between human factor, road conditions and vehicle condition affect road safety? What role do new active safety technologies play? What impact do so-called "new sources of distraction" have on accident?

2016 /

We are system. Trucking, freight villages, logistics: towards a great integration - Fiera Milano

A conference to understand the great dynamics of road transport and logistics, including regulatory reforms, market needs, old problems and new challenges.


Video 2018

"An important opportunity for discussion and analysis between institutions, the main sector associations, exponents of the supply chain, from infrastructures to users"., 16 September 2016


“The common and participatory confrontation of the many souls of road transport and logistics is useful at this moment not only in the interpretation of data, but above all in the construction of a medium-term vision: all the issues are addressed to make a system. And this is a moment that we, who are not operators in the sector but trade fair organizers, are very interested in because it allows us to build the part of Transpotec content, considering that today there is no fair that is limited to the pure showcase. The contents are increasingly important because visitors and exhibitors also have an interest in acquiring knowledge, know-how and being updated to increase their competitiveness ".


Roberto Retti

President of Fiera Milano (ed. 2016)

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