CONFERENCES / We study the customer's needs and create the event together: from the target to the positioning. We deepen the reference sector to identify all the stakeholders and opinion leaders at local, national and international level. We develop the scientific or popular agenda and we can take care of the organization at 360 °: from the choice of location to logistics.

COMMUNICATION / We set up integrated communication strategies based on customer objectives, targets and positioning; we create content consistent with the values ​​and mission of the company or event.

EVENTS / We organize corporate and institutional events aimed at a business and / or consumer public; we identify the strategy for the company's participation in trade fairs and we deal with the dissemination of EU-funded projects, both through its own events and for inclusion in sector events.

PRESS OFFICE / We create media plans for the promotion of companies and events, we take care of media partnerships, media relations and press presentations, we organize interviews and specials on sector newspapers.

PR & NETWORK / We establish relationships and partnerships with national and international stakeholders for the growth of companies and events and the development of new business opportunities.

WEBSITES EB & SOCIAL MED IA / We study the structure and contents of websites to make them usable and attractive; we write editorial plans for the animation of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram pages and new social networks.

TRAINING COURSES / We design courses for journalists by developing with the client a program that is of interest for the current and future context; we follow the whole process of proposal to the regional Orders and the organization of the course.

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