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A series of appointments that examine technological and non-technological tools for the creation of one Smart cities with a human dimension. The starting point is the experience that companies and institutions have had in view of Expo 2015.




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2014, 2015

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Hotel dei Cavalieri, Milan (ed. 2014)

Civic Aquarium, Milan (ed. 2015)


Think tank Think BEyond: Vision from Milan: first stage of Beyond 2015, experience for a Smart and Livable City. A meeting between representatives of local administrations, representatives of companies, academic experts, associations.


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“Today an interesting conference and preview of an initiative took place on how Expo will be interpreted for the future of this area. A series of ideas and research were also presented with the contribution of experts from the European Union. [...] Certainly an initiative such as Beyond certainly has the applause of those who are dealing in particular with Expo 2015 ".


Giacomo Biraghi

Social and Digital PR of Expo 2015 (ed. 2014)


“The presentation of this important event was held in recent days always in Milan. It was a meeting / debate that gave a broad panorama on the concept of the "liveable city", a highly topical issue also in view of Expo 2015 which sees the city of Milan at the center of attention from all over the world. Among the most interesting interventions, that of Pierfrancesco Maran, councilor for Mobility, environment, metros, public water, energy of the Municipality of Milan ".


Ambiente & Ambienti, October 2014



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